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Since 2021, we have been delivering custom websites along with web and mobile applications. By doing so, we help startups, small businesses, freelancers, and even large banks and corporations grow and maintain a technological edge. Before diving into the development phase, we engage in consultation, initial analysis, and, most importantly, understanding your specific needs. This enables us to find the ideal solution tailored to you.

The result of our collaboration will be a mobile or web application or website that meets modern requirements in terms of technical aspects, design, and user-friendliness. Our web and mobile applications will fulfill your needs in the long term.

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If you are not satisfied with your current system, want to digitize your processes, or have a great idea, we are here for you. Our goal is to create solutions that simplify and accelerate your work using the latest technologies available today.

Our Work

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polamond redesing web

Website Redesign Study for Polamont s.r.o.

auto liberty web - responsive

Auto Liberty

Website for Auto Liberty Motorhome Rentals

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A Fast Track from Idea to Prototype

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Do you have a great idea and need to validate it quickly without wasting time and money? Our expert teams are ready to help. We can swiftly define and create an MVP—a minimum viable product—that allows you to verify the economic viability of your idea. With us, you won't waste time and money. We handle the entire process from graphic prototype to development.

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Long-Term Collaboration

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We're done. The application or website is delivered, and launched, and invoices are paid. Your customers are excited about the new software. Even at this stage, you can rely on us. We will take care of your software solution in the long term, ensuring it is always ready and secure for your customers. We are here to ensure its continuous reliability and the constant improvement of your website or mobile application.

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Your Project in Good Hands

<We Aren't Afraid to Take the Reins />

Do you have a project that didn't meet your expectations or a supplier who stopped communicating? Don't worry, we're here to take over and bring it back to life. With us, you'll finally be satisfied. We ensure maintenance, smooth operation, and possible modernization of your software. Let us show you what we can do with a project that needs a new breath of fresh air!

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We Are in This Together from Start to Finish

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Our goal is to deliver reliable software solutions at a fair price. We strive to ensure you have the maximum amount of information and a clear overview of how the development of your website or application is progressing. With us, you'll always be in the loop.

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Understanding the Problem

During a joint brainstorming session, we quickly uncover the core idea of the issue and strive to find the right and innovative solution.


Design and Planning

We focus on your needs and incorporate them into the design and graphical layout of your application or website. We adhere to best practices and modern trends.


Development and Testing

This is the crucial phase of the entire development process. At the beginning of each 14-day sprint, we discuss with the client what can realistically be achieved. At the end of the sprint, we present a functional demo and report the results of our work.



The application is tested with automated scripts. The client confirms that everything meets their expectations. Subsequently, the application is deployed either to the web server or to Google Play and the App Store.


Maintenance and Support

We take care of your website or application even after completion. We ensure that the application is always safe and reliably functional for your clients. Additionally, we are ready to expand its features according to your further needs.

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